About Me

My name is Trystin Rosenberger, and I am a current video game design student with a passion for game design and writing. I have been actively writing for the past ten years, both alone as well as with others. I have skills in various different computer software programs (such as Unity, Photoshop, and Maya), as well as web design experience with coding such as HTML/CSS and PHP/MySQL. I also have programming experience with C# in Unity. With the ability to learn quickly with experience and a love for learning new things, I'm always bringing my best to every project. For potential employees looking to use my writing skills, I can provide writing samples upon request. View Resume

Let the Ghost Out!

You are Franklin, a ghost that is terrified of humans, and unfortunately for you, an entire family of them has recently moved into the previously-abandoned house you’ve been haunting. They’ve heard that the new house they’ve moved into is haunted, and have come prepared to drive you out. In a bid to save yourself from their attempts to exorcise you, you must make your way through the house and get to the exit. Float through walls, possess objects, and use items to get around hazards. Just make sure to avoid those pesky humans! Watch their movement patterns, figure out how to get around them, and race to the exit. Read More

Chasing Shadows

Desmond Kincaid is an ex-cop and a private investigator that's recently been hired by his childhood friend, Alice Winters, to have a little discussion with her abusive boyfriend. As he is a powerful and well-known lawyer in the city, Desmond decides to meet up with him late at night so there will be no witnesses to their little "talk". Unfortunately, things aren't going to be as easy as he thinks. Soon, Desmond will need to learn who he can trust, as well as discover the truth behind the event that turns his life upside down. He must quickly realize everyone he thought was his friend can no longer be trusted. Read More

Defend Dragon's Keep

The Dark Lord Dragomartholomew was once the most infamous sorcerer in all of Rammazro. He had power beyond reckoning, and all manner of evil beasts bowed to his every whim. No one dared to challenge his armies, until now. His own beloved daughter, Demetria, has finally come into her dark power, and her greed and ambition has outweighed what little love she had for her father. Promising her father’s armies the riches and recognition he has long denied them, she has won the support of his formidable forces. Now, Demetria and the creatures are marching on Dragomartholowmew’s last hiding place. Read More