Defend Dragon's Keep is a co-op tower defense, in which one player plays on the computer in a traditional tower defense format, and the other player is in VR hopping from tower to tower and throwing weapons at enemies. The two players must work together in order to defend their keep. The game was made in the span of eight weeks by a three person team as a student project, and was designed as an asymmetrical VR game.
June 1, 2018
8 Weeks
HTC Vive
Unity, C#
3 People
Project Manager, Game Designer, Systems Designer, Cinematic Designer


Project Manager

As project manager I was responsible for ensuring that my team stayed on task, met our bi-weekly sprints, and we got the work done that we wanted to. I accomplished this task by using Trello and making sure that it was kept updated. Trello was organized accordingly:

Systems Designer

I was responsible for the majority of the major systems that were implemented in the game. This included systems that were generalized for the entire game, systems that were VR-only, and adding new features to existing scripts downloaded from the VRTK Unity asset. Some of the systems I designed include, but are not limited to: I also worked closely with the level designers when making my systems to ensure I could make tools that would be easy for them to use. For example, the wave manager had a custom editor than made it easy for them to add new waves, subwaves, and enemies.

Cinematics Designer

My main responsibility on this project was taking on the role of the cinematics designer. For the game, I created an opening cinematic that was able to tell the story of the game, as well as give background information on what was going on. Some of the things I did include: The cinematic was originally going to be in the style of a 2D motion graphic, but the images that Unity were taking were far too small and low resolution to be used. In the end, we decided as a team to make the cinematic 3D, which required me to change much of my original planning.
Initial storyboards that I drew for the opening cinematic. I then got together with a group of people who went over the storyboards with me and gave suggestions and critiques, which turned into the first version of the opening cinematic.

FIRST VERSION CINEMATIC OPENING This is the first version of the opening cinematic, which was then given feedback on by the same people that helped with the storyboards. The cinematic eventually got reworked, which turned into the final version of the opening cinematic.

FINAL VERSION CINEMATIC OPENING This is the final version of the opening cinematic, and it tells the backstory of the game. Dragomartholomew's army was stolen by his own daughter, and the players must work together to defend his last keeps in the game.