Chasing Shadows is a single-player stealth game, in which the player must stealth their way through three different levels in order to uncover the rest of the story, which takes place in the form of cinematics. To do so, they must avoid the line of sight of both humans and cameras alike. The game was made in the span of six weeks by a nine person team as a class project, and was designed to be played on mobile.
6 Weeks
Unity, C#
9 People
Narrative Designer, Game Writer, Cinematic Designer

Narrative Designer

At the very beginning of the game, I was in charge of the bulk of the narrative design for the game's plot, as well as in charge of designing the characters themselves. Although I did not do the majority of the game writing when it came to the script itself, I worked closely with the game writer to ensure that the plot I designed worked in the setting of the game. Responsiblities I had included:

Cinematics Designer

I was responsible for both the 3D cinematics, as well as the 2D cinematics designed in the style of comic books. There were cinematics at both the end, and the beginning of each level. In the end I finished over half of the cinematics, and some of my duties included:
ACT I CINEMATIC ENDING The cinematic ending of Act I. Desmond walks in to the lawyer's office, only to find him dead on the floor with no trace of the killer. The police also arrive right as he finds the body, which causes him to flee from the scene.

ACT I COMIC BOOK ENDING The comic book ending of Act I. Desmond monologues about his discovery of the dead lawyer's body, as well as what the police talked about, and contemplates whether or not someone set him up to take the fall for the murder.