Let the Ghost Out is a single-player puzzle platformer, in which the player must make their way through the level to get to the end. To do so, they must avoid the humans' line of sight by possessing objects and clear salt lines using salt boxes picked up throughout the level. The game was made in the span of ten weeks by a one person team as a student project, and was originally designed as a WebGL game.
January 19, 2017
10 Weeks
PC (WebGL)
Unity, C#
1 Person
Game Designer (All Roles)


Systems Designer

As the game was made entirely by me, I was responsible for designing all of the systems that went into the game. It was my first Unity project, and first time ever programming in C#, so there was a lot to learn as I was making the game. Some of the systems I designed include:

Level Designer

The level was designed by me and constantly tested by both myself, as well as other game testers, to help the iteration process through the game's creation. Changes needed to be made after playtesting to help make the level more fluid, including: I also filled out the level with 3D assets to make it feel more life-like and enoyable to move around. I came back to the level later on to polish it.

Cinematics Designer

After the game's release, I went back to the game during polish to add in an opening cinematic. Whereas I already had a story for the game, previously it was only written out as description for the game, but never included in the game itself. I decided to add in the story as an opening cinematic that would explain what happened leading up to the start of the first level. Some of the things I did include:
Before I started the cinematic, I wanted to redesign the level. Keep the original hull moreorless the same, I added in new assets, added patterned textures to the wall and floors, and filled out the level to make it look more realistic.

STORYBOARDS Initial storyboards that I drew for the opening cinematic. I then got together with a group of people who went over the storyboards with me and gave suggestions and critiques, which I then used to help me put together the opening cinematic.

CINEMATIC OPENING This is the final version of the opening cinematic, and it tells the backstory of the game. It went through several differet iterations as I got feedback from people. It was designed to be shown before the player plays the game.